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Revitalization of a revitalizing brand

The Medics, a brand started by two friends, is a healthier option in the antipsychotics category. Humza discovered the healing properties of Cannabis in Colorado and started working on the concept of “Harmless Treatment” along with his friend Faisal. They launched a brand in partnership with unique Colorado seed supplier which no other company had access. The product made a drastic positive impact in the society and contributed towards a healthy community. The brand got the success initially but soon the results started to diminish. They were facing many problems which are as following.

  • Sales were declining
  • The branding was weak
  • No brand recognition
  • No growth in terms of numbers
  • No clear growth plan for future
  • Logo did not relate to the brand
  • Negligible digital presence

This is when they reached out to Liquid Technologies to take care of their issues. Liquid Technologies provided them the following services.

  • Complete repositioning of the brand
  • New logo
  • New brand labels
  • New website
  • Future growth and marketing plan
  • Social Media Marketing & Management
  • Branding through brand book

The results started to appear after the repositioning. The results are as follows.

  • Increased sales
  • Increased brand recognition
  • Improved brand image
  • Increased brand recall
  • Customers able to connect to the brand more
  • Social media marketing led to increased no. of customers

Liqteq repositioned The Medics to make it a successful brand and provided them a complete roadmap along with all the necessary elements to convert a brand into a renowned one.


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