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A game changing online platform for an education institute

Gone are the days when people used to come to institutes by looking at physical billboards. Nowadays, digital platform is what is required to persuade people to come to any business. BOS management contacted Liquid Technologies after the school started becoming outdated in the market because of lack of proper digital presence and they needed something to compete in the 21st century.

BOS had following problems before they contacted Liquid Technologies:

  • Decreasing number of students
  • Lagging behind new competitors
  • Decreasing brand awareness
  • No digital presence
  • Difficulty in data management

Liquid Technologies provided the following services which enhanced their business.

  • Digital presence through website
  • Easy data management
  • Easy to access website
  • User friendly interface
  • Control Panel
  • Training


  • Increased brand awareness
  • Increased brand equity
  • Increased number of students
  • Respond to competition well

Liqteq provided BOS an easy to use quality website which transformed their business and enhanced their presence in the market.


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