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Serverless Development

There was a time when developers and companies invested a lot in hardware and places to store them. Companies used to have a dedicated location for just the servers and other hardware. Over the Decade, the information technology sector has seen rapid developments, for increased and cost-effective solutions, with massive credit to the serverless development. Serverless development gives you a chance for non-stop development services without worrying about the load on the servers. This does not mean that it will be a Serverless concept. You cannot perform activities on the web, without the servers. It just eliminates the requirement of infrastructure management. Meaning you do not need a separate location for the servers and no need for system maintenance. After much Wait, Amazon took the first step in advancing towards Serverless Development. In 2014, Amazon launched the first viable Serverless development platform, AWS Lambda. This laid the foundation of the other Serverless frameworks to follow. Most of the Serverless development platforms are functions as a service (FAAS) rather than what the typical cloud service looks like, which has fixed charges for each virtual server when bought, regardless of whether it is being used or not.

Advantages of Serverless Development Platform:

The Reasons why you should opt for Serverless Development.

More Time to focus on Application:

As already mentioned, the Developer does not have to worry about the infrastructure management of servers or, operating systems. The Developer can use this time to enhance the application.

Faster Development:

Serverless means the operations are way less than the common development, which eventually reduces the development time.


With the Serverless framework comes to the architecture of modularity, to break up the use case in a singular or collective function(s) and each function or collection can work as a separate app with the Serverless framework comes the architecture of modularity, to break up the use case in a singular or collective functions and each function or collection can work as a separate app.


The Process of Scalability is made automatic, as it can manage huge amounts of data, without any intrusion any intrusion.

Cost Effective:

With the Serverless settings, not only is it cost-effective in terms of infrastructure expenses saved but also being a FAAS, it charges for per function executed, rather than the number of virtual servers.

Why to avoid Serverless Development

Despite so many reason to go for Serverless Development, it has its own limitations


Serverless Development is efficient when smaller functions are executed. Things get tougher when larger and complex tasks are to be performed, as Serverless architecture is not equipped to handle such occurrence.


With the benefit of not having to manage the infrastructure of servers or operating systems, the downside of this is that it will increase the dependency on the server where your data is being managed. You might be dictated and limited to specific tools and technologies you use.


People having the skills of a normal developer under their belt does not guarantee that a person has the required skillset for Serverless development. This makes the process
of hiring Serverless developers, all the more complicated. For most developers, the description of Serverless Development is daunting enough, to not apply for it.

This however, is the reason to go for Liquid Technology’s Certified Developers, who can help guide you and your application to be more modular, better maintained and scale at will.

Final Word

Serverless Development has introduced a world revolution to reduce the number of hardware that needs to be managed that needs to be managed, so the developers can have a unilateral focus on the thing that matters, development. It has shown the world and emphasized that no matter what the activity, they should not be concerned by the secondary factors. Of course, like the previously announced status-quo, it will take time for people to adapt to this paradigm shift. It will surely take time, but Serverless Development has the capabilities to change the way how people look at and operate in businesses. It has the potential of leading the Information Technology market to exponentially reduce cost and enhance the performance of the way the development takes place. The quicker an enterprise embraces this change, the faster they will gain a potential edge over other businesses

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