How GPS Tracking Can Help To Transportation & Logistics Business?

Why is tracking important in transport & logistics industry?

The idea of business has changed with the advancement of technology and businesses nowadays highly rely on the technology due to its multiple advantages. Global Positioning System (GPS) technology or GPS has changed the traditional aspect of logistics businesses and it has emerged as an important factor in the business of transportation and logistics in the recent years. On the other hand, the emergence and development of smart gadgets, mobile apps and other relevant technologies have helped it to reach up to the next level and offer greater logistics mobility solutions to the consumers.

What we do?

Liqteq’s suite of GPS fleet management solutions enable the transport & logistics industry to optimize their asset utilization and improve safety standards. We provide high quality wide range of products, hardware and software integration, unparalleled customer support, user friendly software, and product integrity to our valuable customers as per their requirements on time, every time.

Why is tracking important in transport & logistics industry?


  • Visibility of drivers’ locations and status at all times
  • Monitoring “at risk” driving behavior
  • Managing driver fatigue

Our offers for Transport & Logistics Industry:

  • Road Safety
  • Vehicle Recovery
  • Driver Behavior Monitoring
  • Fuel Management
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Fatigue Detection and Management
  • Fuel Management & Theft Detection

Reduce costs by:

  • Reducing unauthorized usage saving on fuel and maintenance costs
  • Improving driver behavior such as excessive idling and reducing harsh vehicle usage
  • Smarter allocation of vehicles in geographic locations

Improve utilization through:

  • Understanding fleet size and usage for informed decisions to be made
  • Maintaining vehicle services timely and reducing unexpected downtime
  • Allocating a job to a fit-for-purpose vehicle


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