Restructuring Data-Driven Decision Making in the Pharma Industry

Challenges in Pharma Industry

The ever-changing market demands increased innovation and lesser time-to-market products. Hence, it is essential for pharmaceutical companies to evaluate efficient business models and focus on emerging technologies for translational medicine. To achieve solutions for such challenges, it is apparent that the entire data capturing, handling, and processing needs to shift. Handling disparate data sources is yet another issue faced by pharmaceutical companies.

How BI can help pharmaceutical companies?

They receive data from third parties such as clinics, hospitals, sales reps, and many other sources. And storing and processing such varied formats of data becomes difficult. By leveraging the latest technologies and approaches like business intelligence, organizations can attain knowledge generation that will help them change their business paradigm.

Liquid Technologies at work:

Liquid Technologies’ BI solutions can be used to support strategic, tactical, and operational goals and to establish metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to objectively measure performance.

Enhancing marketing and sales

Business intelligence provides visualizations in the form of interactive reports that allow you to forecast what you should sell more often, which category or product will perform better in terms of sales, and when will you make the sale.

Our key offerings for pharma industry:

  • Analytics solution for Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Live reports and customizable dashboards
  • Application Development, Migration, Support & Enhancement
  • Demand forecasting algorithm to forecast sales and budget
  • Data Mining
  • Recommendation Engine

Quality assurance

By harnessing the power of business intelligence and analytics, the pharmaceutical industry can avail the necessary quality checks to ensure the delivery of the product with finest quality.


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