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Why is tracking important in oil & gas industry?

The highly competitive oil and gas industry is moving into the digital age. Remote monitoring of oil and gas extraction and transportation activities through a vehicle tracking system is now essential for businesses. Not only does it help to increase efficiency and worker safety, but it also helps businesses meet their production goals and minimize delays that decrease revenue.

What we do?

Across the world, oil and gas operations face an array of health, safety and environmental concerns. Liqteq’s suite of GPS fleet management solutions enables the oil & gas industry to optimize their asset utilization and improve safety standards. We provide high quality products to our valuable customers as per their requirements on time, every time. We are responsible towards preserving the environment for all humanity and for our next generation. We also ensure the education, interest and awareness training of new employees in safe working methods before the assumption of duty.

Our offers for Oil & Gas Industry:

Journey Management: We provide oil & gas approved journey management plans with the goal of arriving safely. The reason for deploying a Journey Management Program is to reduce the likelihood that employees will be involved in a motor vehicle crash.

Remote monitoring for oil & gas equipment tracking: Using liqteq’s remote monitoring for equipment tracking, you can check a variety of key performance statistics including: Tank levels, Pressure levels, Operation Temperatures, and Fleet flow rates.

Driver Behavior Monitoring: Provides fleet managers and drivers visibility into driving behaviors impacting safe driving, unnecessary fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear.


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