Automation is changing the Legal Industry

Importance of Automation:

Over the past few decades, the advent of automation has rapidly and drastically changed entire industries. Bank tellers have been replaced by ATMs, factory workers have been replaced by machines, and, in the near future, the automobile industry will be revolutionized by self-driving cars. Technology has proven to be such a dominant force, making every industry is susceptible to automation, including the legal industry.

Automation in Legal Industry:

Despite these innovative tools, the legal industry has been slow to adopt technological changes, and in many respects, the industry remains behind the times. Historically, law firms have not had a huge incentive to use automation. After all, it is more profitable to have associates bill countless hours to complete a project, rather than using a computer program that can do it almost instantaneously.

How we can help:

Liqteq’s solutions enable law firms to automate their processes and data. They can find information easier and share it with colleagues and opposing counsel faster. Streamline and automate the handling and identification of case files, transcripts, affidavits and other legal documents that can also automatically split multi-page files to conform to judicial requirements limiting file size for electronic filings.

Our key offerings:

Due diligence:
Litigators perform due diligence with the help of AI tools to uncover background information. We’ve decided to include contract review, legal research and electronic discovery in this section.

Prediction technology:
An AI software generates results that forecast litigation outcome.

Electronic billing:
Lawyers’ billable hours are computed automatically.

Document automation:
Law firms use software templates to create filled out documents based on data input.

Intellectual property:
AI tools guide lawyers in analyzing large IP portfolios and drawing insights from the content.

Legal analytics:
Lawyers can use data points from past case law, win/loss rates and a judge’s history to be used for trends and patterns.


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