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Data Driven Dashboards

Liquid Technologies is a Data Consulting, Data Visualization and Insights Gathering Company with a focus on Predictive Intelligence and scalable software solutions on the cloud. Our vision is to put data at the fingertips of the decision makers. We help drive growth and innovation through insights.  Our products vary from POS and ERP Systems to dashboards and Machine Learning Reports. We have implemented our solutions at multiple retail stores in Karachi.  Our motivated, driven and energetic team is led by AWS solution architect Hadi Tabani.

“Our Solution can can help businesses increase revenues, improve operational efficiency, optimize marketing campaigns and customer service efforts”

Solution Synopsis:

Our solution of Business Intelligence and Machine learning reports help the decision makers to understand their current performance and analyze the gap between their goal and current performance. Our solution lets them access real-time information to identify trends early. They get a glimpse of the future to predict the outcome for their business. That way, they can head off potential issues and improve performance sooner rather than later. Predictive intelligence can help them take proactive action to course correct and stay on the right path to achieve their goals. Our solution lets them discover information hidden within their organization’s data. We get correlations, outliers, seasonality, change points in trend and suggest them ideas for their business growth. They can visualize their data from different angles like product, time, customer and Area. The solution we offer enables them to connect, clean, shape, model and visualize it with live reports and dashboards.


The uniqueness in our solution is that our customers can understand the standing of their company at any time and anywhere. They have access to their live data at all times. We provide them real-time dashboard updates which help them understand the current performance of the business. With our trademarked Predictive Intelligence IP we are providing insights and out predictive intelligence gives them a glimpse of their future which helps them take proactive action to achieve their goals. They can predict outcomes and head off potential issues and improve their performance. With our experience in Retail Stores, we can provide them with ideas driven from their data to increase their overall profit.


  • Real-time dashboard updates
  • Drill down updates
  • Predictive intelligence
  • Performance reports
  • Robotic Process Automation

Value to Public:

Our solution lets the stakeholders be aware of their company’s standing at any time and anywhere. With the help of our solution, they can find out inefficiencies in their business process and take actions to improve them. The company can figure out where they are lacking and in what area they need to work in order to achieve their goal. Our solution helps them to find out any loophole or stealing within their organization as they have access to their visualizations of the data drilled down to the grain.

We have also proposed solutions to KWSB to monitor the water flow between their stations. That way, they can easily figure out if water flow at any point is low, stolen or breaching thresholds.

Quality (Technology, Methodology, Packaging, and Recognition):

This is how our software development lifecycle goes by.

Dev-Source Control-Code Review-Build-Code Quality Check-Deploy-Functional test-A-B Test.

We have git as our source code repository, Code branch management and code review and Jenkins for continuous integration and Multi-platform integration. To ensure the quality check of our code we use sonar for our code analysis and keep our code compliant with the rules and standards. For the deployment purpose, we have release repository of Docker which is Dev app store. At the end component, behavioral, functional, security and performance testing is performed. Quality gates enforced using standardized tests against reusable components and libraries.

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