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Access to Data

Access public data seamlessly to grow your business . Element Data is Building data pipelines to access datasets can be costly and time consuming

What is Element Data?

Element Data provides enterprise-grade solutions by creating an efficient, transparent, and trustworthy platform where you can access datasets via data marketplaces. We are your one-stop shop for public data aiming to ease the process of data monetization while ensuring our clients have a smooth data shopping experience

Access Public Data via
Snowflake Data Sharing

Access any public data for your business seamlessly via data marketplaces such as Snowflake without worrying about setting up custom pipelines, higher administrative overhead, and managing multiple data feeds

Data Discovery and Strategy

Tap into your company’s data asset potential by strategically leveraging data you need across business functions like finance, logistics, marketing, and more.

External Data Monetization

Element Data helps grow your data business across the board. Streamline your customization and complex data capabilities, and build external data revenues by obtaining your data from Snowflake.

We’re on a journey

We are an engaged data partner, where we fundamentally monetize data and associated services globally and on-demand. We reduce overheads on elemental research on sourcing, managing, curating and analytics!


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