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Auto Cheque Verification System

Counterfeit cheques continue to be a problem for the financial industry. At Liquid Technologies, we’ve created an AI based auto cheque verification system that uses UV scanner to detect any animalities and classifies it as verified, soiled or fake


Our AI Based Technology

Liquid has developed a multilayered Algorithm which first scans cheque through a UV scanner to pass images onto the Deep Learning based UV detection model which is run on every check, the model then detects the UV layer of the cheque and classifies it as active, soiled or inactive. After this process, the program scans the image for client’s logo and other related cheques to provide final verification of the cheque, a copy of which can be downloaded as a Pdf.


The Process

Scan Cheque

Enter Cheque Into Scanner


View Cheque

View Cheque on Screen



Send Cheque Images for Validation



Server Classifies Cheques



Requires Attention

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