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Banks – How liqteq’s BI insights are taking Banks to the next level

Business Intelligence (BI) is responsible for enhancing the banking operations like identifying patterns, analyzing connections, addressing and resolving issues in real-time etc. Many financial institutions have already started benefiting from the BI technology. Through real-time business intelligence, processing information becomes convenient and decisions can be made faster with accuracy. As a result of BI, more positive business results are observed.

In order to stay ahead of the competition in a long run, BI solutions are imperative for banks as they enable them with capabilities to detect frauds, mitigate risks, and reduce costs and more.

When your data is nice and clean and ready to be put through the banking business intelligence ringer, what will come out is a series of reports and dashboards that will offer a clearer picture of your current operations. From there it’s a matter of taking that knowledge and applying it in the real world. Thankfully, key performance indicators make that easier to do.

Benefits of using BI for Banking:

  • Forecasting consumer trends
  • Improving marketing effectiveness
  • Increase customer retention
  • Modeling credit risk
  • Analytics dashboards
  • Performance analytics
  • Real-time reporting

In this banking business intelligence Dashboard, we’ll follow a consumer and retail banking executive in charge of Mortgage loans, home equity loans, car loans, and credit cards all fall under the supervision of our executive and they must report the monthly results of each on an ongoing basis.

Below is a typical example of what a business intelligence in banking dashboard looks like when used for KPI visualization.

With help from your IT department, we can take data that didn’t do anything for you before and turn it into valuable analytics for your organization.

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