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Our Process

In order to create experiences that enhance, accentuate and classify a company’s brand and visuals we work hand in hand with our clients. Understanding their perspective, history and vision is the most important aspect of the project as all our designs are inspired by the passion of our partners. We learn from their experiences and develop from their roots in order to create experiences that truly excites the audience and shows them what transformative digital experience entails.

Empathize – Research User Needs

Human Centered Design

It is crucial in our line of work to keep in mind that the end user is actually a human being.
A cognitive being, that understands good and bad, has biases and likes. Keeping that approach in mind we put our ethnographer hats on and deep dive into the psyche of individual users. Creation of personas, creation of interactions, creation of requirements, they all stem from this approach.

Define – State the Needs

Define the Problem Statement

We believe in delivering quality. Once after we have done our user research and personas, we site down to pinpoint the core problem.
In the Define stage it is important to understand both your long-term as well as short-term business goals in order to create and engineer a good design. Every single decision should be made on the basis of research and facts as Liqteq believes that all the details should be backed by logic and research.

Ideate – Challenge the Assumptions!

Design Fluids are now active in the Brain

At this stage our UX designers and researchers are ready to put their knowledge and experience to create ideas. With our research team, the designers put concepts and definitions on a sketch to visualize what will be.
In this phase it is very important to clear out all assumptions and work on clear visual guidelines in order to deliver a transformative experience. Interactions that are easy, slick and definitive.

Prototype – Impact Development!

Visualize the Concept

By this time our UI designers are ready to jump in, partnered with our best in class software development team, they create inexpensive prototypes to test each of the ideas that were laid out in the previous stage. These are scaled down versions of the product or specific features that target to solve interaction barriers and set the tone of the brand.

Test – Usability Testing!

A Process of Refinement

This stage is key in our delivery process, here the ideas go through a strenuous test from our evaluators. Only the most effective solutions are selected and help in redefining one or more solutions that effectively makes the brand and product stronger.

A Holistic Process that Guarantees Amazing Results

  • Mobile First Approach

    Technology is shifting to handheld and mobile devices and most of the interaction of customers is happening there. We are where our customers want us to be

  • Human Centered Approach

    Liqteq pays special attention to the smallest details which define the central as well as critical aspects of your product; that includes audiences, user scenarios and framework.

  • Excellent After Sales support

    We have a dedicated team that not only ensures that quality is met but also provides you with complete satisfaction as well as an excellent after sales support. That is why more than 90% of our customers come back for more.

  • Cutting Edge Designs

    We provide the best UI/UX designs by carefully listening to customers’ ideas and recommendations and we update our clients of the progress at every step of the development process.

  • Built with Secuirity in mind

    Our applications are built with OWASP Security Design Principles at the center of development.

  • Built to Scale

    We use the latest technologies including Docker, Serverless, Kubernetes and a modular API driven approach to have the best in class scalability for our apps.

Case Studies

Our work ranges from complete Brand Strategy, App Development to Website Design and Startup Anchoring. We’ve made these as specific as possible, while still being high level and brief enough for you to review in a short amount of time.

What Clients Say

Here is what the Founder of Quranic said about Liquid Technologies,

Liquid Technologies has significantly improved our original app and continues to provide high-quality code on new projects. Not only that but they are very transparent about their processes and have been great about ensuring the quality of deliverables. They’re responsive on all channels of communication, including Slack, Trello, and email and flexible to any changes in the scope of work.

Adam Jamal

Jago Kisaan

Here is what the Founder of Jago Kissan said about Liquid Technologies,

We wanted to reach the farmers all over Pakistan, but did not have a platform to do so. We contacted Liquid Technologies to construct a website from scratch. We are really pleased with their work from day one. Our project was a massive undertaking and they were on top of everything every step of the way. Every design element, every layout, every communication strategy is well thought out, discussed and reviewed and nothing gets done unless we, as the client are completely satisfied.

CEO Jago Kisaan

Here is what the Founder of EBCO said about Liquid Technologies,

Liquid Technologies has helped us consolidate and visualize all our data. With their help we have all our KPIs on one screen. Initially we had reservations on the utility derived from their product but after 6 months we boast without hesitation of the impact they have had on us.

Rafi Sheikh


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